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My mom has been looking for a specific Fendi dual faced watch for a while now, so I was very excited to see the exact one she wanted on Amazon. Imagine my disappointment when the watch that arrived was not the one advertised nor the one that I paid for. Although it looked COMPLETELY different, I could understand how a mistake might've been made because the model numbers were one letter off.

I contacted the seller for a replacement of the watch I actually ordered or a refund. Instead of communicating their apologies for making the error, I was credited a partial refund that was $80 less than what I originally paid. I emailed back asking why I was not sent the correct watch (and why this was not communicated) and then why I was only granted a partial refund. Instead of an apology then, customer service emailed me back saying that they go by model numbers and not descriptions or photos, implying that I received the correct watch and was unreasonable for asking for a replacement. They also claimed that the model number of the watch I wanted DID NOT EXIST and told me to check a Fendi catalogue to confirm this. Excuse me? The model number (accompanied by photo and description) was ADVERTISED BY THE STORE ITSELF. It was not until I emailed back saying that the store falsely advertised and demanded a full refund that I was credited the remaining $80. During this time, the original ad was taken down by the seller.

The ad is back up now under the same model number with a hiked up price, though I'm sure they'll take it down after this review:

I will NEVER buy anything from this seller again nor would I ever recommend it to anyone else. As a regular Amazon customer who checks seller ratings before purchase, I was so disappointed and frustrated by this experience I am considering no longer buying anything other than books on Amazon because of the unreliability of what seems to be fake customer feedback, which is a real shame.

Review about: Certified Watch Store Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I forgot to add... they never answered the phone... The prompt to leave a message for a client doesn\'t work.


This sucks, I want to buy a watch from them but the online checkout doesn't work. I emailed them with the problem with no resolution, just a 3 word reply.

"Try google checkout" ...

I called about 3 or 4 time today, I was on the phone waiting about 20 to 30 minutes 2 or 3 times out of the 4... Seems like a fake company or they just don't care to have customers.


It was an honest mistake that happens in every business once in a while and we was very surprised that we got a negative review from a honest mistake that we owned up to right away. We thought the item she sent back was just different than the picture we had online but our policies clearly state that we go according to the model number.

When we got it back we just followed protocol and refunded her minus our expenses because we did not think it was our fault. When we saw that it was in fact a different model number that we sent we apologized and gave her a full refund right away. We did not do any kind of scam as she says. It was a honest mistake that we owned up to and would have gained nothing from.

As you can see we are a reputable company with good reviews all over. She is unreasonable and we do not see what she had to gain by doing this to us after we gave her all her money back.

We did nothing wrong to this customer and she went out of her way to hurt u. We guess we can only try to do the right thing and we can not please everyone all the time.

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